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Welcome to HUSH Quiet Skies, Inc.

A civic association formed to preserve the quality of life for residents living in communities surrounding Gabreski Airport.
Supports limiting aviation operations at Gabreski Airport and a thoughtful development of Hampton Industrial Park.
Will maintain a long-term watchful effort to preserve our quiet skies, clean drinking water and clear air.

Did you know?

  • Gabreski Airport is located within the Pine Barrens Preserve and above an aquifer that provides our drinking water?
  • Expanding aviation activities with the Pine Barrens Preserve above the communities's only source of water places our natural resources in jeopardy?
  • All airports receiving jet traffic are considered to be noise impaired by the Airport Operations Council?
  • Noise is not merely a disturbance but threatens your health and well-being?

HUSH members worked with officials to establish the first noise abatement procedures at Gabreski Airport.
HUSH is offering airport noise monitoring services to area residents and businesses at no cost although donations are welcome.
CALL HUSH at 631-653-1433 to schedule a free noise level analysis at your home or business.

Letter To The Editor (Added 2/26/2007)

To the Editor:

Sitting home on what would be a peaceful Sunday if not for the planes droning overhead, it is alarming to think of just how much worse it could get. The County's promise to limit aviation growth at Gabreski Airport hit a major snag last week.

Without any representation for East End residents, no representative from the Town of Southampton present, and going against the well researched recommendation for the most stringent environmental review possible from the County sanctioned Airport Conservation and Assessment Panel which is made up of local residents and charged with evaluating airport leases, extensions and modifications, the Suffolk County Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), following a procedural mix up, issued a negative declaration on the proposed lease expansion of Long Island Jet. The CEQ determination essentially states that the proposed expansion will not negatively impact the local environment.

Don't let that fool you, this is a proposal for a major expansion of aviation operations that will promote increased air traffic rather than support current operations as stated in the lease application and as we've been promised by Suffolk County officials. This expansion definitely has the potential to damage the environment. It is LIJet's intention to add 35 new jobs including 5 pilots and 5 chief officers, increase parking from 50 spaces to 120, double the building space and add storage for 20,000 more gallons of aviation fuel.

All this, if this ruling prevails, will take place over our homes, schools and recreation areas and most importantly, above the sole source aquifer, the only source of our drinking water.

It is vital for us to make our concerns known to Suffolk County officials, the unique quality of life that exists on the East End today is in jeopardy.

Write or e-mail: Ask to have the discussion reopened to give this matter the attention it deserves. Let them know decisions impacting the quality of life for our residents may not be made in the absence of input and debate from East Enders and their representatives.

Jaime Siegel
HUSH Quiet Skies, Inc.
      HUSH Quiet Skies, Inc. 631-653-1433 P.O.Box 1723 Westhampton Beach, NY 11978