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About HUSH Quiet Skies, Inc.

I am Jaime Siegel, the President of HUSH Quiet Skies, a civic association incorporated by local residents who are concerned with preserving the quality of life for residents living in our communities surrounding Gabreski Airport.

HUSH supports limiting civil aviation operations at Gabreski Airport and the thoughtful and environmentally responsible development of Hampton Industrial Park.

While we are generally in support of the APPD, we stress that the foremost priorities must be protecting our drinking water from pollution and preventing further disturbance of the Pine Barrens.  We urge that from planning and development through the lease approval process and ongoing, there be no activities or businesses permitted which may compromise the environment placing our natural resources in jeopardy or lead to an increase in aviation operations at Gabreski Airport.

Most of us live nearby and travel County Road 31 often.  We are determined to have a say in the planning and development of the land so it is carried out in a manner that is in keeping with the character of this tranquil community.

County Road 31 is the entryway to the Westhampton area.  As you know, this is a resort community and most visitors use the road to get to the villages, beaches and recreation areas.  As such, it is critical that land use be planned in a distinctive manner preserving as much open space as possible.  Concerns remain about the impact the increase in traffic will have to residents and visitors as a result of the APDD.

HUSH is generally supportive of the APDD.  We understand the economic necessity of its establishment and look forward to working collaboratively with all parties to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

      HUSH Quiet Skies, Inc. 631-653-1433 P.O.Box 1723 Westhampton Beach, NY 11978